Flattr on SimsMart

SimsMart has Flattr support, which means you can pay creators on the site with flat-rate micropayments!
With Flattr, you pay a set amount each month, and that amount get divided to all the people you support.
So you can support an unlimited amount of creators without increasing your cost. To be honest, it's pretty awesome!

I am a creator, does this mean you will pay me?

Well, it actually means you can get paid by the visitors to the site through Flattr.
What you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for Flattr
  2. Find your Flattr id. Your Flattr-id can be found in the Flattr-settings once you have your Flattr account.
    You will see something like <meta name="flattr:id" content="8dpk18"> in wich case '8dpk18' is your id (it is not, that is my id).
  3. Sign up for SimsMart
  4. Enter your Flattr-id in your settings and check what should be flattred
  5. Go to your profile and hit the "Edit profile" button. Add links to all the pages you share CC on under "Custom content sources"

After you have followed the steps above, wait for admin to approve your sources (admin may contact you for extra verification steps). Then you may have to wait some more, but there is nothing left for you to do!
Cron (some scheduled code) will run and recognize your content. Then there may be some caching at Flattr, but after that clears, you will get all the micro donations for your content!

I want to support creators, how do I do that?

  1. Sign up for Flattr
  2. Add the Flattr extension to your browser. See Flattr FAQ for details
  3. Make sure you enable the extension to flattr SimsMart!

Then you just click around among the CC and you will automatically flattr the creators.

Who is getting paid for my CC?

Here is how the logic works:

  • We try to identify the creator first. If the creator has registered her or his Flattr id we will put the creator meta tag on single CC pages, which will make flattr plugins flattr the creator.
  • If creator cannot be identified, we try and put the Flattr id belonging to the user that found and shared the CC.
  • If all else fails, default tag is creator of this site.
So sign up for Flattr and register on this site to get paid! All you need is a working email address. We will not use it to send spam. Promise!

Are you getting paid to sell Flattr to me?

Sort of. If you get Flattr, and then use my stuff, you will pay me a part of your flat rate Flattr fee. So I definately have an interest in you getting it. I am hoping you think that me and all the other creators are worth it though!