Story Progression Mod - Open Beta!

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So here it is! What I’ve been working on for the past few months!

This mod attempts to add Story Progression into The Sims 2, kind of like in The Sims 3.

Current features include:

Aging: Inactive Sims will age up and die of old age.

Job Progression: Unemployed adult Sims will get jobs based on their interests and personality and progress in those jobs.

Relationship Progression: Inactive Sims will make friends, get in romantic relationships, get engaged and eventually married.

Pregnancies: Inactive Sims will get pregnant!

University Progression: Inactive Sims will go to university, pick majors based on their personality and interests and graduate.

Gender Preference: Inactive Sims will roll gender preferences.

Aspiration Progression: Inactive Sims will have varying levels of aspiration score.

A couple screenshots of just a couple of the features in the mod: